Is it time for renewal of your Oregon Medical Marijuana Program patient card? Are you getting calls from the "Medical Marijuana Clinic" that facilitated your original signature by their "clinic" doctor last year, actively soliciting you to set up a return visit by appointment for your re-exam to get your card signed for OMMP renewal?                                                                                                    Did you know that you do not actually have to get a doctors signature to get your card renewed?                                                                                                                                                                                              Do not spend a cent and save yourself the money required for the "Medical Marijuana Clinic" appointment, eliminate the need for a doctors signature by...........

  1. Go to your "regular" doctor (Primary Care), 3 months prior to your OMMP expiration date to discuss all of the relevant conditions that qualify you as a Medical Marijuana Patient. Make sure that your doctor documents, using your chart notes, reflecting the severity of your condition or conditions that originally qualified you as a Medical Marijuana Patient, i.e. "severe pain", "severe nausea". Request copies of these chart notes from your doctors visit BEFORE you leave the office, you have the right to request copies of this information.....don't get frustrated, nasty, upset or rude, just make sure to leave the office with the necessary documentation. As Medical Marijuana Patients, we must project a good impression by acting calmly and professionally to convey a stellar image of Medicinal Marijuana patients to the medical community. The medical community cannot complain about Medical Marijuana Patients if we always act respectfully and portray our behavior as cooperative, composed and amicable, (as it MUST be to honestly develop a level of recognition as peaceful that we have earned). In receiving a RENEWAL application from DHS, they have updated the needed doctors information, you now also need documentation in your chart notes that says "marijuana might mitigate symptoms".
  2. By accessing and providing recent chart notes directly to OMMP with your renewal application, you have saved yourself the money that you would have had to pay to the "Marijuana Clinic" for the exam to get your renewal application signed by their doctors. You would have had to provide the same chart notes from your regular doctor, described above, to the "Marijuana Clinic" doctor for verification that the qualifying condition still exists. Why pay and go through yet another doctors visit to get a signature, when this expenditure and loss of your time isn't needed or required?
  3. Submit the recent, within 3 months, chart note copies with your application and you are through the process!
Verify this information if you question the validity by calling DHS HS OMMP at (971) 673-1234, hours of operation are 12:00 Noon to 5:00pm. Bear in mind that the doctors that sign for the "Clinics" are known by OMMP, it is easier for OMMP to validate these cards because of the familiarity with these specific doctors, but the cost is on your shoulders as a patient to get the doctors at the "Medical Marijuana Clinic" to sign. Eliminate the expensive cost of $150-$200 for a doctors signature by following the directions above. There is not any profit generated from this site, it is all about saving sick and dying patients the money they would have had to needlessly pay to go through the "Marijuana Clinic" system. 

Recommended Key Words To Include:

  • Severe
  • YOU MUST HAVE THIS SENTENCE, "medical marijuana might mitigate symptoms"
  • Chronic
  • Terminal (if applicable)

Be sure that the qualifying conditions are named specifically and that you have the "needed" sentence, if you do not have this information, you will not be able to obtain your renewal in this manner.

Most doctors offices provide you with a slip that you carry to the exam room that is used in their computer system, primarily for billing and doctors notes for your chart. You can have the doctors notes needed for your renewal written on this paper, it has worked for many other patients without question in the past. Watch to make sure that this slip includes your name, the clinic name and the patient information so that when OMMP calls for documentation, your doctors office can easily access the patient file for verification and validation of the note turned in for your renewal. 

NOTE: This will only work for RENEWALS.

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